Rich shapes and various ways of playing

            Enhance baby's cognitive ability and discrimination ability, improve touch ability and visual ability


            Fine workmanship, play more at ease

            Smooth lines and glossy surfaces, do not hurt the baby's hands, focus on every detail, hemp can be assured to use for the baby.

            High quality safety, non-toxicity
            and environmental protection

            Material is made of wear-resistant plastic, non-toxic and
            tasteless, excellent flexibility to adapt to various environments,
            more durable, products through environmental
            protection certification.

              •     Shantou Chenghai Antai Craft Toys Factory is a manufacturer & exporter.Our mail policy is "Client First,Credit Standing First." Our quality policy is " Safety production,Good quality,Benefit customer."Now We are tring to expand more businesses.     Our mail products are:bubble,B/O items,and coins.our products always get good saying from customer,cause it is "New design,good quality,finely work."for new items,we had good experiences.every year,we will be produce few series of unique-designed new items.

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